Leadership Journeys

The unique journey to yourself and the other

We will go on a three-day journey, with you and your colleagues, to reflect on themes that matter in a unique environment. Traveling together leads to connection. Deeper insight is created from connection. The group acts like a mirror, so you learn from each other. As an individual and as a team you are looking for insights, answers and solutions. We take you out of your daily environment and take you on a journey of discovery in which you meet yourself and the other. In the middle of nature, we invite you to think about and reflect on your motives, successes, passions, talents, patterns, thinking, feeling, beliefs, identity….

Your journey starts with packing your suitcase, waiting at the platform, taking the train to your destination, arriving at a unique location, walking in nature, quiet places to think and talk to each other, good food along the way, also having fun, looking back on the day with a sense of peace before going to sleep, leaving for home, working with the new insights and beliefs. Meeting up at a later stage to reflect on the journey, and what it brought you and your travel companions.

Our approach?

Preparing for the trip

  • An introductory meeting in which, in addition to getting acquainted, we also coordinate your expectations

  • A personality questionnaire, such as MBTI® or DiSC®, is an option

  • A preparatory assignment for the trip

The journey itself

  • Meet on the platform to start the journey

  • A wonderful three-day trip, in a unique location, that you will not soon forget

  • “All-inclusive”, so you can focus on the content

  • Two supervisors to support each individual and the team in the best possible way. There is also the possibility, if necessary, to work briefly one-on-one

After the trip

  • Possibility to schedule two personal coaching sessions for each participant

  • Two team coaching moments

De tools die we kunnen inzetten om het resultaat te versterken zijn:

  • Equicoaching (“Het paard als jouw spiegel”)

  • MBTI® stap I en II   –   DISC®  –  en andere Persoonlijkheidsvragenlijsten

  • Thomas en Kilmann® conflicthanteringsstijlen

  • Veerkracht & Mentale Veerkracht vragenlijsten

  • Roos van Leary

  • 360° feedback assessment tool

  • Insights Discovery

  • Eclosieve pedagogie

  • Lego Serious Play®

  • NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer

  • PCC – International Coach Federation

  • Stakeholder Centered Coaching (Marshall Goldsmith)

  • En nog vele andere gecertificeerde methoden en tools