You sometimes hear people say “everyone needs a coach”. Many individuals and teams want to grow and develop. A coach is the person who sets the individual and team on its way and guides them in their development. It always starts with awareness. Where are your talents, your pitfalls and your possible frustrations? And, of course, after that the question or challenge: how can you convert all this into a (personal) development and growth process?

Coaching comes naturally to us. We are curious about your motives and ambitions. We will investigate with you the essence of your question and what your personal challenge is. We formulate your coaching question together, for you as an individual or for your team.

We have many years of experience with issues related to improving or making optimal use of personal talents, better cooperation, dealing with setbacks and new challenges. Not to mention achieving better and new results, as an individual and as a group or team. Our experience as a coach ranges from assignments in small and medium-sized companies to multinationals and complex organisations. Coaching is in many cases an effective part of one of our learning and development plans.

What makes our approach distinctive:

  • Our own experience as a manager with ultimate responsibility

  • Our long and wide-ranging experience with diverse contexts, types of questions and challenges

  • Our respectful yet decisive and result-oriented approach

  • Our expertly applied methods and distinctive tool

  • Our pool coaches with different personalities, with specific experience and expertise (always a match)

The tools we can use to strengthen the outcome are:

  • Equicoaching (“The horse as your mirror”)

  • Personality questionnaires, such as MBTI® Step I and II, DISC®

  • The conflict management styles of Thomas and Kilmann®.

  • The VK+ questionnaire on mental resilience

  • Leary’s Rose

  • 360° feedback assessment tool

  • Insights Discovery

  • Eclosieve pedagogie

  • Lego Serious Play®

  • NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer

  • PCC – International Coach Federation

  • Stakeholder Centered Coaching (Marshall Goldsmith)

  • And many other certified methods and tools