The need:
“We want managers to become more decisive and effective.”

We have a “consultation culture” and no one dares to take 100% responsibility for his or her decision.

Central theme:
Dare to encourage yourself and each other and to hold them accountable for taking responsibility. Take your place within the organisation.

Greater ownership with our managers

The programme

  • Kick-off session, led by the management, to create clarity and support for the “Accountable Leadership” process in the company, both internally and externally
  • Online “Personal Style Analysis” (DISC) in preparation for the first workshop
  • Two-day training on location to clarify the personal (conscious and unconscious) beliefs that get in the way, to transform them and translate them into everyone’s most relevant personal challenge to achieve accountable leadership
  • “The horse as a mirror of your behaviour” formed an important part of the process.
  • Two-day “Skill builder” training (skills carousel) preceded by an intervision session with a board member
  • Intervision session with the management based on the insights and feedback from the previous training courses
  • Team Accelerator: half a day with each manager’s team. The manager conveyed his/her insights, goals and wishes to the team and made (new) agreements about mutual cooperation

The result achieved

  • Significantly more autonomous decision-making, less to no unnecessary consultation
  • Employee appreciation for managerial decision-making is significantly higher
  • Solution-oriented proposals from managers became the norm (“What do you think?”)
  • 30% improvement in the timely delivery of projects
  • Happy people