The need:
“We want our managers to discover more the power of diversity and to be able to apply it in the workplace.”

We want to convert the frustrations about our differences in the mutual cooperation into making better use of this diversity.

Central theme:
Ensuring that our supervisors treat different personalities and opinions in a respectful manner. And that they promote diversity within the organisation and become ambassadors for it.

The programme

  • House of Commons debate on a number of statements about diversity in the workplace (young people versus older people, men versus women, different cultural backgrounds, …)
  • Sharing a testimonial
  • Role plays with an actor about differences in personality based on DISC®
  • Why it is dangerous to think that you have no prejudices
  • Discovering one’s own limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • In-depth study of intergenerational differences (based on Cultural Detective)
  • Role plays with an actor about using the power of the different generations in the workplace
  • Dealing with different emotions and resistance
  • Role plays with an actor about men – women, employees from different cultural backgrounds, different perspectives and emotions

The result achieved

  • Many eye-openers that make the participants think and make them more aware of their own behaviour and beliefs
  • Sharing personal stories and testimonials about the impact of diversity on the lives of the participants
  • A clear improvement of the communication skills based on the personal feedback from the role plays
  • A clearly noticeable enthusiasm and commitment to the theme of diversity